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Infant and Primary School


Txomin Aresti is one of the five schools in the municipality of Leioa, whose location can be found in Iparragirre 76. It shares the building with the City Music School, working with them to offer students a number of advantages.
Founded in 1985, due to the merger of three different schools in the school year 1995/1996, we can find the school we currently have.
It currently has 403 pupils, attending Infant and Primary Education, where they all learn in a model D in terms of language, with Basque as the main language used. However, mention that multilingualism is one of the axes, teaching the other official language that we have today, Spanish, and working a foreign language, English.
After the 2003/2004 school year, according to the current legislation, we started taking part in quality process and management that ensures the teaching-learning process, and for the first time in 2004, we obtained the certificate` Quality on Education´ offered by the Basque Government, which has several advantages.
Since that year, Txomin Aresti has been part of a school network called `Quality on Education´, who carries out experiences and projects that promote the autonomy of the school, always adapting to the needs of the students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

If you want your children to participate in extra-curricular activities next year, please, enter the Family section (for which you must be logged) and fill out the questionnaire.

Early childhood education

Primary School

Services we


Canteen ➞

The lunch service at our school is personalized and fully professional. The range of menus offered for lunch is very wide, offering our students as many options as possible; normal menu, basal diet, ovolactovegetarian diet, ovolactovegetarian diet with fish, non-pork diet and special diets for allergic/intolerant children (confirmed with a medical report).

The students who stay eating in our canteen, apart from having a balanced and healthy diet, we try to make the experiences they will learn and live there as educational as possible, responding to their needs. To do this, and to respond to the needs of the students, we have a team of coaches, and we offer a menu created by a nutritionist.


Through this service, we respond to the needs of the families of the school early in the morning. This option allows children to stay at the school earlier, due to the need for families or guardians responsible for childcare to attend to other tasks.

School insurance

To respond to accidents at school, Txomin Aresti has his own health insurance. By paying a small annual fee, the doctor will come to the school him/herself, and besides examining our students, the doctor will give students the answer and treatment they need. This doctor will certainly help us not only to provide an answer at the moment, but also to ensure our peace of mind and the safety of our daughters and sons.

Consultant, Hearing and Language Teacher and Special Education.

In our school we have students with different characteristics and needs, which makes Txomin Aresti feel so special, that everyone feels accepted in their own way. In order to respond to the needs and situations that we all have, the school has the involvement and support of different professionals, to continue to take steps in the learning process.

Extra-curricular activities

These extra-curricular activities shall be provided by the Association of Families, with the help and support of the school. The purpose of these activities is to contribute to the comprehensive development of children, responding to their interests and needs. The opportunities offered by these activities are many, in order to have as many students as possible involved.


Our students have the opportunity to satisfy their taste for reading in our library. Motivator of different actions, in a process of transformation at the moment, with the aim of opening up new ways and improvements.

Family Translation Service

A service to respond to the cultural richness of our school. The opportunity to interact professionally in any language of the world.


Agenda 2030

Project to respond to the pollution situation of Earth at the school level. This will enable our students to actively and consciously explore various ways of preserving our land and nature. The opportunity to listen to and develop, through meetings, working groups and representatives, the views and opinions of the entire Educational Community.


An essential project we have in place to respect the identity of our students and ensure their well-being. The subjects which are dealt with are, above all, several, with the intention of making relations between all of us as natural and respectful as possible. This project also includes the participation of the entire Educational Community in order to provide an adequate response to situations and needs.


As the name itself says, we must learn to live together, by providing the necessary instruments. We consider the transformation that our society is undergoing at all times, and we must have a living and changing project to respond to them.


Through this project, our students will be offered the opportunity to come to school alone, 4th and 5th graders. This action, in collaboration with the City Council, seeks to develop different skills with children of these ages: autonomy, interaction, respectful and healthy relationships, etc.

Treatment of multilingual

The treatment of languages in the learning process of our students is of particular importance. To this end, apart from the two official languages we have in our community: Basque and Spanish, we also dedicate their space and importance to foreign languages: teaching English. This language treatment has several peculiarities: linguistic coordination in different areas, presentation of innovative and useful materials, figure of native teacher, etc.

Knowledge of different generations

Through this project, we would like to bring human beings of different generations closer together. One of the most important features is to strengthen the relationship between our students and our elderly people, always arousing respect and curiosity. In this program the students of our school visit the retirement house of the elderlys of Leioa to perform various activities and share experiences with the people present.

Characteristics of our school


We have a great opportunity to use the Municipal Swimming Pool near our school. We can go there in groups. So, in our Physical Education sessions, our students are given a swimming course. These courses are taught by specialists working in that pool. In it they can develop not only skills related to swimming, but many others; autonomy, group environment, knowledge of different areas, situation management, etc.

Menu / Calendar

Check out the school calendar and the lunch menu here.

Childish corner

The purpose of this service is the comprehensive care of children, with the participation of various experts. These experts, in addition to guiding children and families, contribute through this service to the management of problems that may arise and make suggestions.

Sports Center

The possibilities of having a sports centre at school are enormous. Especially with regard to Physical Education, it facilitates the development of the various competencies of our students, which are suitable for a variety of riches and uses. Apart from this, it facilitates the holding of other activities in the school itself, when the weather does not help; Euskera Day, Christmas celebrations, carnival, etc.

Music school

The fact that the music school is in our same building opens up many doors and opportunities for us. Among these options is the use of their various residences. Our students have a habit of attending music school, especially music sessions, which have several advantages; the use of instruments, the possibility of enjoying music in special classrooms, the possibility of performing in a concert hall by participating in various concerts, etc.

Flexible schedule in two-year classroom

To respond to the characteristics and needs of 2-year-olds, the school has a flexible schedule of entry/exit. These schedules seek the well-being and tranquility of children and families, with the aim of making these difficult and special initial years easier. We start the course with an adaptation prepared by professionals, taking into account all the needs.

Collaboration with The Red Cross

In this project, we collaborate with The Red Cross in order to offer students, with different necessities, the help they need.This collaboration has the purpose of offering protection and help to families.


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Canteen staff

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