Educational project

To emphasise cooperation and the importance of cooperative apprenticeships, one in relation to the methodology of the centre.

Not only do our students enjoy learning together, but they become the centrepiece of their learning process, increasing their skills in autonomy, critical vision and decision-making.

When it comes to working, we will try to teach you how to collaborate with others in the future, enabling you to train different skills; project presentations, corrections, response to challenges, problem solving, job direction, etc.


In defining our working methodology, we would like to base the following years on an education called ACTIVE LEARNING. When we say that these apprenticeships must be active, we must stress that our students must be the driving force and the backbone of their learning process, in which autonomy and skills are developed to learn to learn.

We want to educate self-employed and critical students by putting the necessary tools in their hands and reasoning and defending them against others; their opinions and views, the treatment of information, the ability to discuss decisions in groups, etc.

In order to carry out any learning and methodology, the proper atmosphere of the classroom is essential. We work on it every day, developing each other’s emotional, conflict resolution and decision-making skills. Besides this, we try to promote the group and make it look like they’re part of it.

Relational and collaborative work is the necessary understanding to be socialized in order to respond to the challenges posed by today’s reality. That’s why cooperative learning is becoming more and more common in our daily lives, with teams working together to respond to different challenges, doubts and actions; group presentations, development of topics, search for answers to questions and doubts, problem-solving, etc.

Above all, we seek the well-being of our students, taking into account and respecting each other’s character and identity, for which we have long been working on projects of coexistence and co-education. From it, not only on special days, a number of actions and proposals are put in place throughout the school-year, taking into account the different respects, acceptance, and ways of life for all.


For years, Txomin Aresti has taken advantage of the projects offered to him to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities. As a school, we believe they offer us an opportunity to work on different perspectives and areas, so our participation in all these projects, like everything that is done in this school, is due to the comprehensive development of our students. As our vision for the future, the ultimate goal will always be to develop the skills necessary for the socialization of students, in a comprehensive way, of course.

Every project is to promote different mechanisms for the development of the personality of our students. Thus, with the incorporation of these projects, we will have the opportunity to internalize the materials and resources that each of us offers, to take small steps towards achieving the human integrity of the student, to become an adult and autonomous person.

Below these lines you can find the name of the projects in which we participate, and more detailed information about them can be found on the home page:

  • Knowledge of different generations.
  • Agenda 2030.
  • Coexistence/Coeducation project.
  • Project work methodology.
  • Multilingualism project.
  • ICT and digitization project.
  • Project Bizikasi.
  • Project Livelihoods.

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