From the 2023-2024 school year, we are immersed in the mobility project for school education workers (ERASMUS+). Thanks to this project, Txomin Aresti School has become a European school.

One of our aims is providing our school with innovative methodologies that facilitate the comprehensive development of students. The changes we are interested in are related to the methodologies applied in classrooms and other areas of the school; we are interested in training and meeting schools with an enthusiastic, responsible and collaborative team of teachers.

Our educational project is closely related to the 2030 Agenda, and teachers and students work every day to achieve the goals. Our Erasmus+ project is directly related to it, based on an inclusive educational approach based on respect and democratic life and attention to diversity. This aspect is very important to us given that our school has more and more students from other countries, other cultures, and therefore we want to guarantee the principles of inclusion and equity, as well as to promote common values and civic commitment. We are therefore interested in cooperating with European partners that also work on this aspect.

Our teachers will have the opportunity to perform job-shadowings, that is, to observe the functioning of other European schools and then put them into practice in our school.

We are interested in communication based pedagogical approaches as well as the active use of ICTs in the English classroom. We would also like to know how laboratories work to learn English, as we follow a learning method based on projects to teach different areas of the educational curriculum. We also value organizations involved and trained in education that implement STEAM methodologies related to a digital transformation, using augmented reality in the classroom, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.

We would also like to cooperate with host organizations that have ongoing strategies and learning plans for climate action and against climate change. We currently carry out environmental awareness campaigns that respect the common space, the school, the neighborhood, the planet… In this way, we want to know the schools that have a sustainable project and that have had a great impact on students and on the educational community in general.

Finally, we would like to mention our interest in the methodology of free movement, which promotes student autonomy. Our school covers education from early childhood to primary education, a methodology that we believe is essential to help our students in their learning process; we believe it is a way to teach them to be autonomous, critical, competent and happy citizens. We’ve been preparing and adapting our methodology and spaces for a long time, so finding more experienced partners will be a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

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