Txomin Aresti is in a constant process of educational innovation which involves continuous teacher training and teaching practice adapted to the requirements of an increasingly global and demanding society. In our commitment to achieving the internationalisation of the school through Erasmus projects, we also opt for collaboration with other European schools through international eTwinning projects as part of our school plan.

eTwinning is the community of schools in Europe proposed by the European Commission, and it is part of Erasmus+. eTwinning is the community of schools in Europe proposed by the European Commission, and it is part of Erasmus+. eTwinning offers a secure platform for educational teams (teachers, management, educators…) and pupils from all participating European schools to communicate, cooperate, develop projects, share, and feel part of the European educational community We want to open the doors of the school to Europe and become a reference educational centre.

For these reasons, our school is committed to carrying out eTwinning projects within our Erasmus KA122 SCH project. And according to different research carried out in the field of education, the participation of the educational community (teachers, students, families, and society) favours the achievement of educational objectives and is a qualitatively very relevant element in the improvement of students’ academic performance, so we encourage you to collaborate with us.

Participating in eTwinning projects brings benefits such as the development of digital and communicative competence in English, as well as more general ones related to collaborative work, negotiation, intercultural awareness, as well as personal and academic growth.

More information about eTwinning here.


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