Forty years ago, in 1981/1982, Sakoneta Public School and Mendibile Children’s School were almost overcrowded with 1130 students. During those years, as construction and the neighborhood increased and expanded, the need to expand another school became a priority, with the aim of providing an adequate response to the situation.

Because of this situation, in 1981 the Basque Government began to study where a new school could be built, buying the necessary land. So at that moment they managed to surround themselves with green spaces and a perfect area of position.

CEIP Txomin Aresti School was built as a building in a very innovative and unique form, the original form of which is now standing out. It consists in most of a triangular construction, with an inner courtyard, which allows it to enjoy extraordinary clarity. Apart from this, each room has windows facing outwards, which offer enormous brightness. As the year progressed, and as the cycle of Pre School Education moved from Mendibil to this building, due to the shortage of space, another cubic building was added to it, adding new facilities and new spaces. These new spaces consist of a reform room, an English room, a library, a teacher’s room, and several toilets.

As for the opening of the school, it should be on 15 October 1984, but due to the unfinished works, it could not be held on that day. As a result of this delay, at Christmas of that year, a number of proclamations were made in front of the City Hall by the family, teachers ( Prego Axpe, who was then the principal) and students, calling for the opening of the school. In January 1985, when Iñaki San Juan was mayor of Leioa, the school was officially opened, with 384 students.

As far as the course of the school was concerned, there were a number of different and innovative activities, one of which was the principal at the time, who organized the competition for the design of a logo, with the intention of giving the school its own identity. It is important to mention the high participation of the student body, although in the end the choice was made by Iñigo Lopez. Then, with the celebration of his 25th anniversary, Felix Ortiz de Zarate, a great janitor and collaborator of the school, updated it and gave it the impression it has today.

After 10 years of solo career, in 1995/1996, a new Txomin Aresti was created with Mendibile and Sakoneta. This merger was not complete until 2013-2014, when all the Children’s and Primary Schools were finally assembled in the same building. Today at our school we have 403 students from Preschool to Primary, where the language model is D. As for the staff, it is now composed of 41 people, and there are also non-teaching staff.

As for the character who names the school, Txomin Aresti was appointed mayor in 1979, becoming the first mayor of democracy. In these circumstances he had to swim against various currents, always thinking of the best of the townspeople. He worked tirelessly for change, but unfortunately he couldn’t accomplish his goals, because he died when he was young. So he couldn’t realize the dreams that had led him to become mayor, even though his legacy was known.



HH 2.1: Kontxi

HH 2.2: Estibaliz

HH 3.1: Nekane

HH 3.2: Arrate

HH 4.1: Itsasne

HH 4.2: Maria

HH 5.1: Rosana

HH 5.2: Iratxe

LH 1.1: Nerea

LH 1.2: Ander

LH 2.1: Katrin

LH 2.2: Itziar

LH 3.1: Marisa/Ander

LH 3.2: Aritz

LH 3.3: Maria

LH 4.1: Puri

LH 4.2: Iratxe

LH 4.3: Enrike

LH 5.1: Patricia

LH 5.2: Era

LH 6.1: Xabier

LH 6.2: Janire

P.H.: Lur Kortabitarte

P.H.: Raquel Gómez

Music: Susana Abelairas

English: Marta Díaz

English: Iratxe Azkona

English: Mertxe Tascón

Language Assistant: Margo Cox

Erlijioa: Amaia San juan

Canteen responsible: Begoña Garaizar

Special educational needs teacher: Paki Blanco

Special educational needs teacher: Sara De Prado

PT: Izarne

PT: Haritz Irizar

ALE: June Miranda

Consultant teacher: Elena Beltran

Hipi: Estibaliz Gómez

BeA: Of Zuriñe Martia

BeA: Igone Rico

HH Assistant: Mila Korta

HH Assistant: Sandra Vazquez

Mentor: Olatz Lekerika

Head teacher: Ibon Gonzalez Cornejo

Head of studies: Jaione Elguezabal

Secretary: Raquel Rodriguez


Members of the highest body

Ibon Gonzalez

Jaione Elguezabal

Raquel Rodriguez

Enara Díaz

Félix Ortíz de Zárate

Oihana Martitegi

Izaskun Rementeria

Aritz Alboniga

Oscar Pérez

Maria Galende

Amaia Tornos

Nuria González

Naiara Ibáñez

Laura Diego

Natalia Arribas

Sonia Del Rincón

Asier Aragón

Mikel Sánchez

Javier Royo

Lorena Zuluaga

Naroa Cabrera

Marisa Santamaria

Milagros Corta

Olatz Lekerika

Igone Rico

Zelai del Campo

Itziar Satrustegi

Concepción Altuna

Patricia Márquez

Elena Beltran

Non-teaching staff

Susana Jimenez: Cleaner

María Calvo: Cleaner

Arantza Cabreizo: Cleaner

María Antonia Sanchez: Cleaner

María Roca: Cleaner

Iraide Arbeo: Cleaner

Belen Urriz: Educator

Itziar Díez: Educator

Irune Zaballa: Educator

Igone Urkiaga: Educator

Félix Ortiz de Zarate: Caretaker

Organizational chart

Txomin Aresti School’s Timeline

  • 1981 – The Basque Government seeks land for the construction of a new school.
  • 15 October 1984 — Planned opening of the Txomin Aresti School. (The building was delayed, and was not opened that day).
  • 1984 Christmas – Protests in front of the City Hall.
  • On January 7, 1985, the school was finally opened.
  • 1985- Iñigo López creates the first logo of the school (renewed in 2010).
  • 1995-1996- Txomin Aresti school was born recently after the merger of three schools.
  • 2003-2004 – Implementation of the SGC (Quality Assurance System for School Education and Management).
  • In June 2004, The School obtained K-H accreditation from the Basque Government.
  • 2013-2014- Finally, primary and preschool education are in the same school.
  • 2014- At ICT we got a school certificate with a high level of maturity.
  • 2022- All together we continue to write the story of Txomin Aresti School…

Our schedule:

Monday to Friday:

8am – 16pm

Come to school:

Iparragirre etorbidea, 76
Leioa 48940

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Telephone number:

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