Txomin aresti’s PA

What is PA?

Parents’ Association (PA) is a group of families enrolled in the same school, created for the purpose of carrying out various activities on a permanent basis, organized in a democratic, non-profit manner and not dependent on any government institution, political party, religious belief and enterprise. The role of the PA is not only to run all these matters, but also to bring together families concerned with the education of our children, to whom we must contribute as much as we can in the process of feeling and learning.

With our participation, we hope to contribute to the management of the Centre and the improvement of the quality of the Public School.

As far as organization is concerned, the IGE has a representative on the School Board. This is a collegiate body that ensures the participation of all members of the educational community, is aimed at the control and management of the centre and ensures compliance with the requirements for quality education in our centre.

Our Governing Body

This families’ association operates through a number of public States, approved by the General Assembly. Decisions are taken in a democratic manner, and its most important governing bodies are:

The General Assembly, which is the highest body of the Society and is composed of all its members. We meet at least once a year. These meetings discuss the partnership’s agreements, then approve the annual action plan and actions. The budget is also approved at these meetings.

The Board of Directors, which is the managing and implementing body of the E.G.I. It complies with the agreements and agreements adopted at the General Assembly and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Association, ensuring and coordinating its work and activities.

Other Members

To mention that we’ve also set up working groups with management teams and groups of parents outside of another comssions. They participate in different commissions: the Equality Commission, the Canteen Committee, the Covid-19 Commission and the Playgrounds Renew Commission. It is important to mention that our Association of Families of Pupils (IGE) collaborates with BIGE (Bizcay’s Associaton of Families of Pupils) as part of its committee.

What do we do?

  • School insurance.
  • Childcare Service.
  • Extra-curricular activities. Information about the extra-curricular activities we have this year.
  • Helps
  • In collaboration with the School Management Team we participate in various activities of the school year; Olentzero, trips throughout the school year, Korrika, Deuna Agate, Carnival, Spring concert, end-of-year festival, etc.


At the moment a receipt of €15 is passed once per school year. To participate in any extra-curricular activity, you must be a partner.

We deal with the early-rising group and the 2-year-old class.

A bill is passed in September, except for those who do not wish to be part of the association and have previously requested it by e-mail.

The bills sent back will only be notified once by e-mail. If the payment remains unpaid, this family will not be accepted as a member of the IGE and will not be able to take advantage of the advantages of being in this group; extra-curricular activities, childcare service, trip helps, etc.

School Insurance

The current service is provided by the insurance company AXA. The insurance school runs from the IG is mandatory only in extracurricular activities and for students receiving childcare services, but we would like to remind you that it is recommended for all.

Annual fee per student:

  • Kindergarten students: €15 per academic year.
  • Primary school students: 15 €per school year.

It is charged in conjunction with the payment of the IGE, except for those who have previously applied not to be a partner in this email address: tesoreria.ampa@txominaresti.eus

If you want more information about the IGE at Txomin Aresti School, please fill out the following form and send it to us.

Otherwise, by e-mail, general information: txominampa@txominaresti.eus

Payment updates, register/deregister in extra-curricular activities: tesoreria.ampa@txominaresti.eus

We’ll answer you as soon as possible.

15 + 14 =

Our schedule:

Monday to Friday:

8am – 16pm

Come to school:

Iparragirre etorbidea, 76
Leioa 48940

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Telephone number:

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